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A Portal for Left-Handers

Check out our new Amazon and Bizrate stores with products just for left handers. Find Christmas gifts for you or your left handed friends. You will find Golf Equipment, Guitars, Kitchen Equipment, Gardening Tools, Sports Equipment and other items made specifically for left-handers. Your orders will be handled by Amazon or Bizrate merchants. Please check back regularly as we will be adding more left handed products to the store. Also, if you have any suggestions, please email it to webmaster@lefthandedportal.com.

Is there a need for Left-handers Portal?

Left-handers live in a world designed and dominated by right-handers. However, left-handers have adapted wonderfully to the right-handed world - from simple things like using a right-handed scissors to using complex machinery designed for right-handers.

Our research showed that there is considerable interest in left handed related news, left handed golf, left handed guitars, left handed products and other topics. Hence, this portal is categorized into four main sections - left-handed people, left-handed golf, left-handed guitar and left-handed products. We will be adding more sections as we get feedback from you.

Left-handed people section includes articles of interest to left-handers, a collection of best selling books related to left-handers, a list of famous left-handers, an article on left-hander's day and other other fun stuff.

Left-handed golf section has information on golf associations and their histories, instructional books and videos for left-handed golfers, list of golfing events and a wide selection of left-handed golf equipment.

Left-handed guitars section has a selection of left-handed guitars and books and videos on playing guitar left-handed.

Left-handed products section has a wide selection of products. These include golf equipment, guitars, scissors, office supplies, kitchen items, gardening tools and fun gift items. Also, the benefits of using these left-handed products are explained.

Please give us your feedback and we will try our best to incorporate them. If you want to publish an article on this site or want a link from us please contact webmaster@lefthandedportal.com.

Do you provide any product or service exclusive to left-handers?. It can be anything - a product like a left-handed mug or a service like golf or guitar instructions to left-handers. Or, do you know of a left-handed organization or a left-handed store? If so, Left Handed Portal can be a great source for you to advertise. Please email webmaster@lefthandedportal.com.

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Left Handers Survey

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