Top Cheap Golf Items for Left Handed People

Are you a golf fan and left handed? Then you will be happy to know that you can get great discounts when buying items such as gloves, golf balls, and training kits. Left handed people get great discounts when buying their games kit from Gearbest and Big5. Those two are among the best suppliers of games equipment at great prices, and they do not compromise on quality. You can get their discounts by visiting to get a discount coupon that can be used on those sites. In this guide, we look at some of the items that you can get from these stores.

Golf Gloves

golf gloves

Being left handed means that you need a glove designed to be used by a left-handed person. Because a golf glove is designed for helping you to tee correctly, you cannot just use any glove. The good news is that golf gloves for left-handed people are available at very competitive prices compared to those for right handed individuals. Check out discount coupons from mamma and shop for your favorite golf glove at Gearbest and Big5.

Golf Ball

golf ball

The best golf ball allows you to get the best out of your training. It responds well to your golfing style, and you get the same response every time you tee using the same style. Gearbest coupons and Big5 coupons from Mamma, you are assured of getting your golf ball at great prices without compromising their quality.

Golf Shoes

golf shoes

No other clothing can match the importance of comfortable shoes. Shoes support your weight while still protecting your feet. You need them, to be strong yet light enough so that they are not a burden to you. That is what the golf shoes supplied by Gearbest and Big5 offers you. They are the best when you know you are going to spend a long time walking around pitch all day.

Sun Glasses

golf sun glasses

There is nothing as good as being able to practice golf without straining your eyes due to the powerful glare of the sun. With awesome sunglasses glasses, you can protect your eyes and still have a great day playing golf. The glasses are designed to [protect your eyes from UV light and the sun’s glare but still permit sufficient light even in the low light condition. They are also stylish as well, which mean you will look great while enjoying your game.

Golf Practice Net

golf practice net

You do not need to visit a golf course to learn how to play golf. You can do just that behind your yard using this unique golf practice net. The net is strong enough to stop all kinds of shots such as pitch shots to hard drive shots. Whether it is your first day to play golf or you just do not want a day to go by without playing golf, this is the perfect practice net for you. You can get it with Gearbest coupon or Big5 coupon from

Pull Golf Cart

pull golf cart

There are times you just want to be playing your golf with a few buddies. During such times you still need to carry your golf kit without having someone to do it for you. The pull golf cart does that job for you. It is light, strong, and can carry your whole golf kit for you, including your water bottle. The golf carts sold at Gearbest and Big5 will give you that ultimate long and reliable service that is worth your money and time. They come in a one step collapsible frame design, snap-lock buckles, and nylon bag straps that are strong but super light in weight. They also have storage space for the ball, tee, pencil, water bottle, and scorecard holder.

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Wonderful stories and personalities of left-handed people

12% of the total world population are left-handed, that’s roughly around 1 out of 10 human beings. In general, these individuals have a hard time in basic settings in life. From the typical right-handed armchair to the ink-splattering ball pen writing and woodwork and cooking equipment that is a bit complicated to be used by a lefty, they have an added burden in living in a world mostly dominated by right-handed individuals. The world being more accommodating to right-handed people, through various products, have made life for left-handed people more challenging.

But this didn’t stop them from achieving, famous individuals like: Robert Deniro, Angelina Jolie, Babe Ruth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Prince Harry, President Barrack Obama, Keanu Reeves, Former President Bill Clinton, Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise and many more.

From artists, scientists, politicians, businessmen and royalty, lefties have risen into the limelight and stardom through their distinct and immense skills and talents they offer. They have served and provided immense discoveries and technologies that made our life easier and better in general. Is it a special trait that adds to their talents or curse being a left-handed? What makes them shine among other?

Here are some things science would say:

· Better at doing multi-tasking

Having a more empowered right brain, lefties are more skilled at multi-tasking than right handed persons.

· Better perception and creative thinking

The field of performing arts, painters and musicians. The greatest problem-solvers the world has ever witnessed were also left-handed. In the likes of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, renowned scientists that paved a generation’s worth of discoveries. Provided some solutions to problems of the world we haven’t yet faced, you talk about pioneers, some left-handed geniuses had it covered from the past to the present.

· Tend to be hit by puberty at 4 – 5 months later than their right-handed counterparts

Due to hormonal compositions of their compared to right handed teens.

· 39% to be homosexual or homosexual tendencies

Having a more buffed right brain, which is the area of creativity and emotions, this tends to translate hormonal differences significant enough to tilt preferences.

· Multiple times likely to be alcoholics

Studies showing that the right brain is more tolerant in alcohol, this is a rather interesting advantage of left handed individuals.

· More empowered right-brain faculties

From creativity to artistry, left-handed individuals have proven themselves on this field.

Would prefer creative careers

Individuals who are left-handed tent pursue creative paths more compared to their right-handed counterparts. 

There are some apparent scientific claims to support that lefties have traits that make them edge out their right-handed counterparts, and some unfortunate disadvantages within them as well. Either way, they easy shine out among us for their rarity, their seamless acting and talents, letting their light shine a bit brighter than the rest. Celebrations like the International left-handed day, allows them to have a national collective sense on their seemingly advantageous and at the same time handicapped situation. An added trait and boon to their skillset, a fair trade of genetics.

5 of The World’s Best Left Handed Golfers

Golf is a sport that looks deceptively easy to play, but give it a try and you’ll see how difficult it is to get a little ball into a hole that’s far away. However, the best in the game are not only able to consistently make those shots, they’ve managed to take golf to a whole new level and have given it a more exciting edge. Interestingly enough, some of the best golf players aren’t right handed. Here are five of the top left handed golfers to ever step foot on the green.


Phil Mickelson

phil mickelson

It’s quite fitting that the pro golfer who’s nicknamed Lefty would end up being the best left handed golfer in the world. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers in the sport overall. His 42 PGA Tour wins attest to that, and few have ever come anywhere near his level of success in the game.


Bubba Watson


Bubba Watson is among the most successful left handed golfers on the scene, and he’s quite talented and skilled. Along with his two green jackets and six PGA Tour wins, he was ranked second overall in the 2015 Official World Golf Ranking. Bubba Watson is also one of the longest drivers ever to be on the PGA Tour, and there have been years where he’s averaged drives of over 315 yards. When clocked, he’s been able to make the golf ball go up to 194 miles an hour — generating that type of speed and power requires true athleticism.


Bob Charles

bob charles

This is a legend in the golf game, and he’s won four PGA Tours and over 70 titles since going pro in 1960. The native New Zealander, formally known as Sir Robert James Charles, has been playing golf for more than five decades. Now an octogenarian, he’s still going strong and making appearances. Along with being one of the greatest left handed golfers on the planet, Bob Charles was the first left handed player to come out on top at a golf major. Considering the amount of history that he’s made, he certainly deserves due credit.


Mike Weir

mike weir

So many who have dreams of making it big in pro golf don’t even muster one Masters or PGA Tour win, let alone eight. But Mike Weir has won eight PGA Tours, and he’s also won seven titles on other tours. The Canadian was in the Official World Golf Ranking’s top ten players for more than 110 weeks between the years 2001 and 2005. One of his most noted triumphs was his Masters win in 2003, which was an incredible display of skill and talent.


Steve Flesch


This four-time PGA Tour winner is a remarkable player, and he’s certainly among the creme of the crop of all golf players regardless which hand they prefer using. Consider this: just give left handed golfers have been victorious in more than one event on any PGA Tour. Steve Flesch is among the few, making him well deserving of the praise he’s received throughout his career.

Pokemon Go Hack Tips And Tricks

When you play Pokemon Go with friends or just people that you don’t even know, it is really a lot of fun. It’s almost as if there is a brand-new world around you, one that cannot be seen without your smart phone. If you have ever watch Pokémon before, you know that these are fanciful characters that are animated, and not really in the real world. The novelty of this application is that it makes them appear, as long as you are looking at your smart phone as if they are standing there right before you. The goal of the game is to defeat as many of them as you can in one of the easiest ways to conquer this game is to find Pokemon Go hack GPS tips.

How Do You Play This Game?

It’s as simple as downloading the application to your phone. You will then register with your Google account. Then, your goal is to walk around. It is actually more fun if you do this at night, or even in a large city setting. It’s amazing where they will pop up, even though they are not there. When you have a Pokemon Go hack that can show you exactly where the GPS coordinates are going to show these creatures, you can win very quickly. It’s really that simple to start winning at this game which millions of people are playing.

How to Be Successful with Solo Ads

Do you want to be successful with solo ads? The truth is a lot of marketers are failing. These marketers are spending a lot of money buying solo ads, but they are not making money. Do you want to know why this happens? These marketers do not know what they are doing. They need to change their tactics if they want to be successful with solo ads.

The good thing is that there are successful marketers. They are doing things differently than the failing marketers. Follow the following tips if you want to be successful with solo ads.

1: Test, Test and Test

How may squeeze pages are you testing? You might be failing because you are focusing on one squeeze page. Create as many squeeze pages as you can. Then test them. There are squeeze pages that will be successful and others will fail.

You don’t have to worry about the ones that fail, because you now know the squeeze pages that work. Use the successful squeeze pages and discard all the ones that fail. This will increase your conversion rate. Therefore, test different squeeze pages at the same time.

2: Reliable Solo Ad Seller

Where are you buying the solo ads? Or who is selling you these ads? Buy these ads from someone that is reliable. If you are doing everything right, but you are not seeing any progress, then the problem might be the solo ad seller.

Therefore, you need to start by searching for the right seller. Buy from a reputable seller. Ask other marketers to refer you to the best seller that they know. Never buy these ads from a seller that you do not know or trust.

You now know how to be successful with solo ads. If you follow the tips mentioned above, then you will make money easily.

Luton Airport Parking For International Travellers

On the off chance that you are streaming off on vacation or you are flying out for a couple of days for business it can be difficult to realise what to do with your auto while you are away. On the off chance that you are flying off on vacation or you are flying out for a couple of days for business it can be difficult to comprehend what to do with your auto while you are away. Ideally, you need to have the capacity to drive yourself to and from the airport yet then you have the stress of where to stop that is secure while you are away.

What you have to do will be doing a little research before you leave in light of the fact that there are dependable alternatives open to you with regards to where to stop and how to get to and from the airport. For instance, on the off chance that you begin to take a gander at Luton Airport Parking you will find that there are diverse alternatives accessible to you. A significant number of these work diversely and charge distinctive rates so by investigating the alternatives before you go you recognise what you are getting into and can feel sure that you are getting the best arrangement.

In the event that you are taking a gander at Luton airport parking, you’ll additionally need to consider how you will get to and from where the parking is based. In the event that you glance around and do your exploration, you ought to have the capacity to discover an organisation that offers airport exchanges which makes the entire procedure much simpler. The way the exchanges work will shift so you’ll have to perceive what they offer with a specific end goal to ensure you agree to accept something that will suit you.

The best thing you can do when you are searching for anything like Luton airport parking is discovering a site that gives you a chance to check quotes and costs on the web and to find the best man with a van available. This enables you to perceive what you are spending before you go and ensures that whatever you agree to accept is the best arrangement. Frequently you would then be able to simply ahead and book your parking space online for the dates and times you require which is another stress off of you’re run down and something else that you can tick as being done before you fly off on your vacation or business trip.

Don’t Plan On Using A Clash Royale Hack To Get Further In The Game

They make a Clash Royale hack sound so rewarding and rather simple, but truthfully, that’s not the case. First of all, they can get you in hot water. Second, they are technically immoral. Third, you really have to jump through some hoops to make them work in some cases, and they can mess everything up. I don’t mean they can just mess up your game play and account. I mean they could mess up your device.

Do you know how to root your Android phone? Yeah, I don’t either, nor do I want to know. Someone that knows a thing or two about that might find it a lot easier, but that doesn’t negate the risks associated with doing it. So make sure you keep that in mind if you plan on risking it to get those extra gems. If you ask most people that play Clash Royale and make it to the top of the rankings, they have done so by playing often and by coining. You have to pay to play if you are going to be near the top.

That’s how it goes with these games these days, but don’t think that a hack is going to get you there. It doesn’t work that way, and there are plenty of people that have learned lessons to that regard. You are going to have to do your best and just enjoy playing Clash Royale. It is a very fun game, and the matches are short, too. They always have many different ways to help you level up faster, so you won’t be too far behind the corners. As a matter of fact, you just might catch them if you play often enough. Wouldn’t that be cool, and then you can find yourself at the top of the rankings soon.

Bought My Husband New E-Liquids Online For A Really Great Price

One of my friends started vaping recently and was telling me and my husband about it. She said she really liked it and that she wasn’t smoking cigarettes because she was using the vape instead. She let us both try it out to see what it was like and my husband really wanted to get one after that. I wasn’t really crazy about it and didn’t want to get a vape.

The next day, my husband went to the vape store that my friend told him about to get a vape. He wanted to see the different ones he had to choose from and try out different liquids to see which one he wanted. He came home with a new vape and a few bottles of the e-liquid. He was pretty excited about using his new stuff and let me try it. I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn’t convinced to switch over to vaping. I did want to find him some other e-liquid to have for it so he could switch up the flavors.

I went to Google and searched for e-liquid for sale. I found lots of websites selling this liquid, but one of them was having a really good sale that had prices that were lower than anywhere else I had seen. I added about 6 bottles of the e-liquid to my cart and was even able to get free shipping with my order. I placed the order and got it in the mail in just a few days. I couldn’t wait to give it to my husband so he could try out the new flavors. Once he got home from work, I gave him the e-liquids I ordered him and he was so happy to have new ones to try. He really liked them too.