Golf is a sport that looks deceptively easy to play, but give it a try and you’ll see how difficult it is to get a little ball into a hole that’s far away. However, the best in the game are not only able to consistently make those shots, they’ve managed to take golf to a whole new level and have given it a more exciting edge. Interestingly enough, some of the best golf players aren’t right handed. Here are five of the top left handed golfers to ever step foot on the green.


Phil Mickelson

phil mickelson

It’s quite fitting that the pro golfer who’s nicknamed Lefty would end up being the best left handed golfer in the world. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers in the sport overall. His 42 PGA Tour wins attest to that, and few have ever come anywhere near his level of success in the game.


Bubba Watson


Bubba Watson is among the most successful left handed golfers on the scene, and he’s quite talented and skilled. Along with his two green jackets and six PGA Tour wins, he was ranked second overall in the 2015 Official World Golf Ranking. Bubba Watson is also one of the longest drivers ever to be on the PGA Tour, and there have been years where he’s averaged drives of over 315 yards. When clocked, he’s been able to make the golf ball go up to 194 miles an hour — generating that type of speed and power requires true athleticism.


Bob Charles

bob charles

This is a legend in the golf game, and he’s won four PGA Tours and over 70 titles since going pro in 1960. The native New Zealander, formally known as Sir Robert James Charles, has been playing golf for more than five decades. Now an octogenarian, he’s still going strong and making appearances. Along with being one of the greatest left handed golfers on the planet, Bob Charles was the first left handed player to come out on top at a golf major. Considering the amount of history that he’s made, he certainly deserves due credit.


Mike Weir

mike weir

So many who have dreams of making it big in pro golf don’t even muster one Masters or PGA Tour win, let alone eight. But Mike Weir has won eight PGA Tours, and he’s also won seven titles on other tours. The Canadian was in the Official World Golf Ranking’s top ten players for more than 110 weeks between the years 2001 and 2005. One of his most noted triumphs was his Masters win in 2003, which was an incredible display of skill and talent.


Steve Flesch


This four-time PGA Tour winner is a remarkable player, and he’s certainly among the creme of the crop of all golf players regardless which hand they prefer using. Consider this: just give left handed golfers have been victorious in more than one event on any PGA Tour. Steve Flesch is among the few, making him well deserving of the praise he’s received throughout his career.

5 of The World’s Best Left Handed Golfers