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33rd International Left Hander's Day
August 13th, 2008

It's a little known fact that August 13th is celebrated as Left-hander's day throughout the world. A number of left-hander's association celebrate it and draw attention to this special day but it is not done enough. As a result, not many people know about it. This year, we would like to do more to bring awareness of left-hander's day. So lets get a early start.

History of Left-Hander's Day

On August 13th, 1976 an organization know as Lefthanders International first declared this holiday. This organization served as a source of information for left-hander's It also sold left-handed products several years before going out of business. No one entity really picked it up from there. Now, its up to individuals and local organizations to celebrate this day.

We have not heard of left-handed parades or large parties. Left-hander's day is not marked in calendars either. There will always be some mention of this day in a few newspapers or local TV stations that can be easily missed by public at large. The question is - What can we do to change this and bring more attention to left-hander's day.

1. Celebrate Left-hander's day

Organize a party and invite left-handers from your family, neighborhood, work or school. Since this year August 13th is a Sunday, organize a left-handers golf outing. Wish all the left-handers you know and send them cards/e-cards. You can find left-handed e-cards at Blue Mountain Left-Hander's Cards and at Greetings 123 Left-Hander's Cards Buy a gift preferably a left-handed product, for a special left-handed friend. Also, don't forget to invite your right-handed friends.

2. Do some one-on-one advertising on Left-hander's day

On August 13th, Wear a T-shirt, a button or a bracelet that says something about left-handers or the left-hander's day. Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle that says 'August 13th is left-hander's day'.

3. Spread the message

Let your local news paper and TV station know about left-hander's day by writing to them. Write to your senator, congressmen, mayor etc. informing them about left-hander's day. Write or email or send a card/e-card to left-handed celebrities like Oprah, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Paul Mc Courtney, Prince Williams etc. or your local celebraties, wishing them a happy left-hander's day. If you are a school teacher or are associated with school activities, educate the kids about left-hander's day.

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know we will add it to this list. Also, if you have a local left-hander's association, tell us about it and we will help you spread the word so that you can attract new members.

Finally, send us photos, stories, articles on how you have celebrated left-hander's day and we will publish it here.

Happy Left-Hander's Day in Advance from LeftHandedPortal.com

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