Are you a golf fan and left handed? Then you will be happy to know that you can get great discounts when buying items such as gloves, golf balls, and training kits. Left handed people get great discounts when buying their games kit from Gearbest and Big5. Those two are among the best suppliers of games equipment at great prices, and they do not compromise on quality. You can get their discounts by visiting to get a discount coupon that can be used on those sites. In this guide, we look at some of the items that you can get from these stores.

Golf Gloves

golf gloves

Being left handed means that you need a glove designed to be used by a left-handed person. Because a golf glove is designed for helping you to tee correctly, you cannot just use any glove. The good news is that golf gloves for left-handed people are available at very competitive prices compared to those for right handed individuals. Check out discount coupons from mamma and shop for your favorite golf glove at Gearbest and Big5.

Golf Ball

golf ball

The best golf ball allows you to get the best out of your training. It responds well to your golfing style, and you get the same response every time you tee using the same style. Gearbest coupons and Big5 coupons from Mamma, you are assured of getting your golf ball at great prices without compromising their quality.

Golf Shoes

golf shoes

No other clothing can match the importance of comfortable shoes. Shoes support your weight while still protecting your feet. You need them, to be strong yet light enough so that they are not a burden to you. That is what the golf shoes supplied by Gearbest and Big5 offers you. They are the best when you know you are going to spend a long time walking around pitch all day.

Sun Glasses

golf sun glasses

There is nothing as good as being able to practice golf without straining your eyes due to the powerful glare of the sun. With awesome sunglasses glasses, you can protect your eyes and still have a great day playing golf. The glasses are designed to [protect your eyes from UV light and the sun’s glare but still permit sufficient light even in the low light condition. They are also stylish as well, which mean you will look great while enjoying your game.

Golf Practice Net

golf practice net

You do not need to visit a golf course to learn how to play golf. You can do just that behind your yard using this unique golf practice net. The net is strong enough to stop all kinds of shots such as pitch shots to hard drive shots. Whether it is your first day to play golf or you just do not want a day to go by without playing golf, this is the perfect practice net for you. You can get it with Gearbest coupon or Big5 coupon from

Pull Golf Cart

pull golf cart

There are times you just want to be playing your golf with a few buddies. During such times you still need to carry your golf kit without having someone to do it for you. The pull golf cart does that job for you. It is light, strong, and can carry your whole golf kit for you, including your water bottle. The golf carts sold at Gearbest and Big5 will give you that ultimate long and reliable service that is worth your money and time. They come in a one step collapsible frame design, snap-lock buckles, and nylon bag straps that are strong but super light in weight. They also have storage space for the ball, tee, pencil, water bottle, and scorecard holder.

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Top Cheap Golf Items for Left Handed People