12% of the total world population are left-handed, that’s roughly around 1 out of 10 human beings. In general, these individuals have a hard time in basic settings in life. From the typical right-handed armchair to the ink-splattering ball pen writing and woodwork and cooking equipment that is a bit complicated to be used by a lefty, they have an added burden in living in a world mostly dominated by right-handed individuals. The world being more accommodating to right-handed people, through various products, have made life for left-handed people more challenging.

But this didn’t stop them from achieving, famous individuals like: Robert Deniro, Angelina Jolie, Babe Ruth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Prince Harry, President Barrack Obama, Keanu Reeves, Former President Bill Clinton, Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise and many more.

From artists, scientists, politicians, businessmen and royalty, lefties have risen into the limelight and stardom through their distinct and immense skills and talents they offer. They have served and provided immense discoveries and technologies that made our life easier and better in general. Is it a special trait that adds to their talents or curse being a left-handed? What makes them shine among other?

Here are some things science would say:

· Better at doing multi-tasking

Having a more empowered right brain, lefties are more skilled at multi-tasking than right handed persons.

· Better perception and creative thinking

The field of performing arts, painters and musicians. The greatest problem-solvers the world has ever witnessed were also left-handed. In the likes of Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, renowned scientists that paved a generation’s worth of discoveries. Provided some solutions to problems of the world we haven’t yet faced, you talk about pioneers, some left-handed geniuses had it covered from the past to the present.

· Tend to be hit by puberty at 4 – 5 months later than their right-handed counterparts

Due to hormonal compositions of their compared to right handed teens.

· 39% to be homosexual or homosexual tendencies

Having a more buffed right brain, which is the area of creativity and emotions, this tends to translate hormonal differences significant enough to tilt preferences.

· Multiple times likely to be alcoholics

Studies showing that the right brain is more tolerant in alcohol, this is a rather interesting advantage of left handed individuals.

· More empowered right-brain faculties

From creativity to artistry, left-handed individuals have proven themselves on this field.

Would prefer creative careers

Individuals who are left-handed tent pursue creative paths more compared to their right-handed counterparts. 

There are some apparent scientific claims to support that lefties have traits that make them edge out their right-handed counterparts, and some unfortunate disadvantages within them as well. Either way, they easy shine out among us for their rarity, their seamless acting and talents, letting their light shine a bit brighter than the rest. Celebrations like the International left-handed day, allows them to have a national collective sense on their seemingly advantageous and at the same time handicapped situation. An added trait and boon to their skillset, a fair trade of genetics.

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